Monsters (IF)


  1. That rocks!!! I think it is so cool the way you do that.

    I just started doing Illustration Friday this past friday. It’s definitely a great way to get the creative mind working. As a graphic designer it’s a great way for me to improve upon my illustration skills.

  2. OMG – I was agape the whole time too! You are such an inspiration – this is sooooo cool. I got an email from a friend asking if I’d heard about ‘illustration friday’ so I followed her link and picked your name out of the bunch at random…well, cause I really liked your name and I figured it was a safe bet that you’d have something fun up. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. wenn du schneller zeichnen würdest, könntest du auch ein daumenkino machen :-) das ergebnis nennen die experten dann trickfilm :D

  4. when he finished reading all the posts before, i think he hides in a dark room alone and all you will hear sounds like: “Yeah Beetlebum, You were so fucking good, hmmmm, yeah. Give it to me Beetlebum, Come on….”

  5. bewundere zeichner, die mit bewegung überhaupt keine probleme haben. kann zwar asterix zeichen, aber doch nicht wie der schriet, rennt, oder gerade nach oben schaut ;-)

    sehr feine kunst!

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